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About is the home page to connect all alumni missionaries who served in the Irish Mission under President Stephen R. Covey. The Irish Mission was first created in May 1962 when President Covey was first called. President Covey was released in June 1965.

About The Shamrock Society

Organized for charitable and educational purposes, including the gathering and dissemination of information about the people of Ireland, and the support of Irish LDS missionaries called from Ireland.
Organized over 45 years ago the Shamrock Society has help many Irish Saints.
We thank all that have supported this great effort throughout the years and hope for your continued support this year.

Irish Mission Reunion

 Fiday April 1, 2016

6:00 to 11:00 PM

20th Ward

107 "G" Street

Salt Lake City, Utah

Plan to attend! Dinner, entertainment, Mormonairs, socializing, freinds, companions, and a message from Sister Covey is planned. She is doing well recoveing from her broken leg. Keep her in your prayers. We hope to have several visitors from Ireland. Elder Wheller is preparing a special video for the evening. We appreciate all your support for the mission fund. In the last couple of years we contributed over $16,000 from the Shamrock Society to Ward mission funds in Ireland. $25 (a couple) will be charged for the dinner and any money left over goes to the missionary fund.

RSVP - Tom Harkness 801-363-4669 or Steve Carter 801-942-1049 by Wednesday March 30, 2016. Email



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